How a book helped me understand my family: when groupthink kills

Continued from: How a book helped me understand my family   All megalomaniacs are insatiable. Having the majority of people's support and loyalty was not enough. Mao continued to preach Communist "values", eradicating beauty from the land by ordering the destruction of gardens, dismantling trust in communities by assigning "minders" in every neighborhood who served as … Continue reading How a book helped me understand my family: when groupthink kills


How a book helped me understand my family

She said to me in her way, "You haven't suffered enough". I thought, here we go again. My eyes rolled internally and I braced myself for the verbal lashing that was to follow. The resulting feelings of guilt and worthlessness came from a world that was not mine, and really wasn't hers either, but the … Continue reading How a book helped me understand my family

Selfies in cafes

The hollow clang of ceramic dishes tossed, one on top of another. The sing song of voice echoed throughout the cafe, calling out orders. Servers were swiftly moving from table to kitchen to register to table. Impatient, but friendly, the servers took order after order, making recommendations. At times, they directed the novice patron to … Continue reading Selfies in cafes

Globalization. Localization.

The events occurring around the world at present has led me to wonder about the detriments of inter-web connectivity. In 2016, over 40% of the world was online, according to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). The world is more connected, more informed about the world, and seemingly, more afraid, angry, and in distress. There appears to … Continue reading Globalization. Localization.

Aging well in Spain (and everywhere!)

Spain has taken on many characters in my life: the land of partying (Ibiza), beautiful beaches (Southern Spain), delicious epicurean scene (tapas, paella, queso y jamon, vino, y mucho mas), romance (the stereotype of passionate Spanish lovers), passion and performance (flamenco), and history (global colonization, Franco). That was how I viewed Spain as I moved … Continue reading Aging well in Spain (and everywhere!)

More Lessons from Vanuatu

Vanuatu has the highest risk for natural disasters on the World Risk Index (WRI). Every year the country of 30+ islands is susceptible to hurricanes, cyclones, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and earthquakes. As if that wasn't enough, the results of the disasters lead to other disastrous outcomes such as landslides and flooding. Ni-Vans (the citizens of … Continue reading More Lessons from Vanuatu

Lessons from Vanuatu

My first impression? It had all the ingredients of a developing country: smog, unpaved roads, crowded sidewalks, people sitting around, empty buildings, vendors on the sidewalk. And I was on the most developed of the 83 islands that make up this country in the Pacific. Looking out of the passenger window, I saw groups of … Continue reading Lessons from Vanuatu

Condom Status

We sat at a cafe, a famous one on the infamous Vilakazi street. Black South Africans and White tourists occupied the red, plastic chairs and tables. The afternoon sun shone gently on our foreheads as we sipped on hot black coffee in paper cups. A lit cigarette laid diagonally on the edge of the ash … Continue reading Condom Status

When the U.S. coughs, Jamaica sneezes…

This, apparently, is a common saying in Jamaica. When the United States of America coughs, Jamaica sneezes Driving around Kingston is reminiscent of driving in an impoverished city in the U.S. -- the city proudly presents to you dilapidated buildings abandoned with boarded windows, streets begging to be swept, and a few Black Jamaican men … Continue reading When the U.S. coughs, Jamaica sneezes…

Lessons from South Africa

The car ride through Limpopo helped me decide the name of this blog. Two words popped up - Everyone, everywhere. It came as I was speaking with my driver in South Africa... This was the end of my work trip and I was being driven to the airport. As I watched the passing landscape, giant … Continue reading Lessons from South Africa