my adventure has started. it was 7am and i was at LAX waiting to board. i noticed a girl. i noticed other people but i noticed her. she was wearing a dress and talking on her cell phone. i was curious about her. then i started thinking whether they would serve food on the plane since a lot of airlines stopped offering meals recently because the weight of the food adds to the cost of fuel. i thought, i hope they serve sunny side up eggs… nah, they can’t keep that fresh… maybe they’ll serve scrambled eggs. and they sure did.

then i see the girl during my layover in Guadalajara. we end up sitting next to each other, chat briefly, and then we both knocked out until we landed in Benito Juarez. I thought, maybe she’ll offer to take me to the hotel… nah, we don’t even know each other… and she’s from LA – we aren’t nice like that. Well as we were de-boarding, she asks if I have friends picking me up. I say no, I’m going to take a taxi. Well you can guess what happens. So i spend an hour with her tracking down her family at the airport and we all pack it in their car and drive to Colonial Roma. Meanwhile, I find out that she is going to El Camino College, which is a block away from my mom’s house in Gardena. Weird. We drove through Merced and there were women standing on corners… I haven’t seen that in Mex yet. i guess we are all just trying to survive. then eventually… Obregon.

So yea, so far I made a new friend and i’ll def be keeping in touch with her.

Last night was spent meeting new people, reuniting with old friends, and just being in Mexico. I love this place. some things have changed, the Chocolateria is gone, the sandwich shop next door to campus is remodeled, the campus feels empty, there is no book store… but some things are the same… Non Solo, my favorite gelado place, the vendors on Friday afternoons on Orizaba, police everywhere, and my very bad Spanish.

Today. brunch with AJ. walking around alone. met a 7 year old named Alejandro who followed me for a few blocks. coffee with Juliann, then numerology and a natural reading with Susana where i served as a translator. yea, i basically made things up hahahaa hahahaha i make myself laugh. but yea, from what i did understand when she checked me out is that i’m always working, working, working. i want to help others and sometimes at the expense of self care (yea, not news for me), i will make money, i will heal with my hands (i think that’s what she said), i’m intuitive and know immediately if a person is good or bad (mostly true), and i have stomach problems. i also lack sex, rest, and something else… because i work too hard. she said i am tapping into divine love which is sucking all my energy right now, i need to clean my intestines hhahaah and i think that’s it. apparently my number 8 is the same as her son… who is always helping people but never himself. hmph!

okay that’s it for now. loving my first 30 hours here. and it just occurred to me that i have not taken one picture since i’ve been here. wow.