Today is the 23rd of June. Or rather, it is the 24th of June since I am en route to Seoul Korea and traversing time zones.

In all honestly, I have never had a desire to travel to Korea, or Asia for that matter…  despite being Asian. As a matter of fact, only in the last year or so did I develop a strong desire to visit China and Taiwan to learn more about my ethnic history. Now life has offered me an opportunity to live in Korea, perhaps work in Korea too.  It was a difficult decision to take this opportunity given my experience with Korean American culture growing up. Due to childhood and adolescent conflicts, I developed a bias toward this culture. And it has been challenging to give another narrative to my experiences. I am hoping that being in Korea, learning about the history, culture and people I will finally give myself the chance to liberate from the past.

So here I am, sitting on a United Airlines aircraft, 4 hours from landing in Seoul, wedged between a young Korean native female who speaks no English, and a younger Korean-American male who speaks perfect English, and pandering how interesting it is that I am sitting between them. I inhale a deep breath as I eagerly anticipate my landing at the Incheon Airport, and exhale as I imagine the possibilities of my own personal and professional growth in this next chapter of my life. The next chapter is going to be quite an adventure as I spend the next few months living in Seoul, Korea and traveling Asia as a Taiwanese born Chinese-American female.