It has been a long time since I have looked at this blog, even longer since writing anything.

Ahorita, estoy en LAX, waiting to depart to Benito Juarez. I have not been to D. F. since 2010 and prior to that in 2008, and only for a couple weeks. This time I will be there for a five-ish weeks and the last time I was there for that amount of time was in 2007, as a doctoral student. I knew nothing about Mexico and what it would do for me. I still know little of Mexico but I am well aware of the potential this land has to provide healing, challenge, and plenty of opportunities to open one’s heart. I am grateful to be able to participate in the immersion program once again, and this time as adjunct faculty. I am filled with anticipation and hope… curious to see what my experience will be like being on this side of the program and at this phase of my life.

I feel guilty because I know that what I will bring back with me will be a thousand times more than what I offer while I am there. But I rest content in my knowing that I will be able to share it with others. Besides, none of it is up to me anyway. I surrender and pray that I will be blessed into usefulness and grateful if I can serve in any way.

Time to board. Stay tuned…