Ayer, yo camine con Chacon para 1.5 horas en Colonia Juarez y des pues tomemos un cafe y nos encontro Jason por la cena y ya. A nice relaxing day. It was interesting to hear him speak about his girlfriend and also about his impressions of Americans. He said he was “shocked” to meet people from the US like Jason and I because we “don’t fit into his box of what Americans are”… this is so loaded but I also understood what he meant.

Maybe I was excited or maybe my midday nap did not help me but I was not able to sleep until 2am.

Today was Spanish class and then orientation. It was a little strange for me to have class with the students as my first entre into the group. I have been met several times by students’ initial shock that I am here as faculty and not a student. I find myself thinking “Do I look that young?” “Is it my backpack?” “Should I carry myself differently?” I even dressed differently today to help with my image. But why do I care? Should I? I am not sure if there is anything to navigate because maybe it’s just okay that people will assume that of me.

Seems like a good group so far. I was happy to break out of my comfort zone yesterday with Chacon and speak to him mostly in Spanish because I felt a little more confident today being placed in the Intermediate Spanish class. I was stoked actually because I feel my Spanish is not very good. I just have to not care how I sound and expect that I will be corrected often and asi esta.

We went to have comida corrida today – I had pozole blanco con pollo which is my favorite. We were accompanied by a group of undergraduate psychology students who wanted to practice their English. It was very fun to be with them and I had a great time. Just wish I had more than 4 hours of sleep last night to be more on my game. No importa pero…

One of the students helped me order my meal so that it met my gfdf needs. It is a process to have to explain and then ascertain and then cross my fingers and pray that I’ll be okay. I feel exhausted by it. When a student asked me about my allergies I was able to share it with her without feeling embarrassed by it. That felt good to me as that has been an ongoing struggle in my life and also something that really is a pain when I travel.

Tonight we went to a meetup group called Tandem at a place called Groove in La Condessa. We spoke with locals and expats who want to practice their English. I met a lot of very nice people and had an opportunity to practice Spanish more. All in all, a good day.

I did miss the Liberation Psychology class, which I heard was powerful. They performed family sculpting on the street and locals approached the students to inquire and also shared some of their personal life experiences. How powerful! I must go to the next one.

And now, I really must sleep.